Get ready for a dirty weekend with your mates!



Mud Muster is coming to town and it's going to get YOU!! We have the Mud, we have the Sweat & we have the Beers! It's the dirtiest thing you can do on a weekend with your mates so get a team together and sign up for the challenge of a lifetime. ​ Get Ready to get Dirty Down Under!

W.U.G. What You Get!

Beer at the Finish Line* Medal Bling All Day Expo Pass Aussie Meat Pie Dick Smith Aussie Tomato Sauce Event T-shirt
* For over 18s

​How to Enter?

To enter click on 'Register Now' button on any page that you see it. You can enter as a team or an individual. If you are entering as a TEAM the first person who enters can start the team and choose a team name and password. Let everyone know what the password is and then the other team members can join the team. Don't worry if you sign up as an individual and want to join a team that is fine and there will be NO CHARGE for joining a team or transferring to a team or turning an individual entry to a team entry.

Participant Information Guide

The Participant Info Guide will be emailed out in the week prior to the event, and also available on the Info page for your location.

Participant Wave Starts

Wave start times are set in the system and your team captain or an individual competitor can pick your desired wave start time. Each wave is limited in size and once a wave is full the system will no longer allow you to enter that wave. If you are wanting to enter an existing team and the wave is full don't stress let us know and we will put you in with your team. We allow enough room to move late entries to your team in to your wave. As the wave start time is selected by the team Captain on the first entry form it is up to teams to make sure they are happy with the selected wave start time indicated. If you decide you want to change your wave start time get in contact with Mud Muster HQ early so we can sort it before the desired wave start time you want is fully booked. Make sure you "Like" the Mud Muster Facebook page to keep up to date on all things Mud Muster.

Participant Frequently Asked Questions

A majority of queries we receive you'll see answered here; please read through the FAQ's before ringing Mud Muster HQ.


​​Mud Muster has no age or gender categories. Its not a race, it is a physical and mental challenge! And because at Mud Muster we don't take ourselves too seriously, we have come up with our own style of categories just to add some variety to all things Mud Muster. So get ready in the following classifications*, and you and your team mates could WIN some Muster Money.  All prizes are given as 100% Events credit or at Mud Muster Gundagai they are redeemed as Bar Tabs for the after party. If you are running at Shoalhaven your Muster Money can be redeemed at any 100% event within 2 years.
  • Best Dressed Bride & Groom $100
  • Best Cross Dresser $50
  • Best Dressed Team $100
  • Best Mud Muster Team Chant $100
  • Biggest Team Entered for the Event $250
  • Biggest Football Team $100
  • Biggest other Sporting Team $100
  • Biggest High School Team $200
* Only one category applies ​Dress Up Dress Down – get some costumes together with your team or wear your hard-core training gear. It's no walk in the park! You will get dirty, filthy and downright pretty messed up you may have close calls with rocks, burrs, thistles and maybe even wild animals along with barbed wire! If you wear your best threads then expect them to be pretty crap at the end! This is serious stuff - Everyone must wear enclosed shoes on event day. So wear practical footwear you can attempt it in high heal sandals, sneakers or shoes but you will have to complete the whole course in what you start as we cannot let anyone run without fully enclosed footwear.

What time to get there?

Aim to arrive a minimum of 1 hour prior to their wave start time. The participants pack includes your wristband which is your ticket on to the course. The participant email we send out during event week will have your registration arrival time included for your wave. For more info on registration or other stuff go to the Info or FAQ page.

Pre Event Training

​For those not wanting to just show up and scrape through on the day why not get down to any local Gym and tell them about Mud Muster - get them to guide you and also get a Gym Team together. Hybrid Athlete and Race Day Domination have created a beginners guide to obstacle racing which includes training tips and fueling guidelines. To view the guide - click here!​ ​Race Day Domination also has a training blog that features workouts and obstacle mud run advice. Click here to visit their site! so you are as prepared as you can be. If you attend another gym or are from another town just get down to the gym and get stuck into some solid cross training.

Safety on Race Day

Safety for all participants, family, friends, staff, spectators and volunteers is our top priority. First aid will be on-site before during and after the event at the venue.


Australians are renowned around the world for their mateship, will to survive under extreme circumstances and lending a hand when called upon. And this is our philosophy at Mud Muster; take care of your mates and other participants if someone needs a lift, a helping hand or just a word of encouragement, be the one to offer assistance. If you see someone who needs further assistance notify event crew and first aid teams.


Insurance is COMPULSORY for all participants. At $10 it's well worth it!​ See what you'll be covered for here.

Post Event

All participants receive a Meat Pie as part of their entry fee as well as a beer (for over 18's). There will be bar facilities available at the event and also plenty of tucker so participants and spectators can enjoy some food and a bevy.  The events are STRICTLY NO BYO - security will check bags and any person found to have alcohol will be removed from the event with no refund. Police will also be in attendance at the event so it is the usual rules applying to alcohol consumption. And don’t drink and drive or you will get caught or worse, you may injure yourself or someone else. Remember plan to have a top time but also have a Plan B.  A beer at the end of a hard day’s work is all just part of the Aussie way to share a beer to wind down after the event and start creating those legendary stories that will grow in stature as you age!​

​Gundagai After Party

Check out the details of Gundagai’s FREE After Party here.

​Clean Up

Bush (cold) shower facilities will be available for participants post event. It will take off some of the mud but you’re not going to be ready to hit the nightclub after it so keep that in mind.

Gundagai Only

Hot Showers – will be available at Gundagai for a gold coin donation to the local crew from the Rural Fire Service. These men and women do an awesome job whilst putting their lives on the line to protect lives and property so if you need a hot shower flick the firies a gold coin. Hot showers open from 12 noon to 4pm.
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