Get ready for a dirty weekend with your mates!

Event Info

Event Info

It’s something like a mix of Special Forces raid meets inner child fantasy for a boot camp of hard work and few laughs. You will get covered in mud, pushed to the limits and probably laugh til it hurts. Made in Australia by a team with over 20 years’ experience building world class events along with an ADF background this course will make you dig deep, take where you have probably never been, make you wonder why you ever came but have you screaming for more at the end. (if you survive) You’ll need to work together to conquer this unforgiving course of wicked extremes, mud bogs, towers of terror, freeze pits and other completely insane obstacles this is NOT A FUN RUN but it is tone of FUN.

​​Who can do Mud Muster?

Mud Muster 10km event is open to anyone 14 yrs and up. The 5km event is open to anyone 11 yrs and up. All competitors aged between 11 and 14 must be part of a team that has an adult as part of the team or is the team captain. Our experience has shown that half of the participants in obstacle events are women. You can sign up and make a public team, (anyone can join your team) a private team (you have to have the team password to enter your team) every team has a captain at the helm so get a team of gym mates, work mates, family or friends and become one of Australia's Toughest Nuts! It's easy to enter but if you need assistance ring Mud Muster HQ and we can help guide you through. ​

​What to expect?

Hills and rocky tracks, mud bogs, mud crawls, slippery slopes, walls to climb, ice, hard yakka and did we mention mud? Mud Muster has been built to push you or your team mates. Somewhere on the course you will reach what you think is your limits but through camaraderie and determination you will go to a new level of self-exploration.

​Minimum Abilities:

If you have the intestinal fortitude to take on the challenge of Mud Muster just make sure you can cover off on the following:
  • Walk about 10km on a good day and have enough left in the tank to head off for a refreshment.
  • Able to handle heights
  • Not scared of a bit mud n dirt
  • Prepared to take the plunge into mucky water
  • Jump up enough to get your feet off the ground
  • Accept and offer assistance to other participants as you join the Mud Muster Honor Board
Essentially get ready to run, ready to climb, ready to lend a hand, push, pull, lift, wade, walk, laugh and scream do it all or just do some but just get ready for anything.

​Mud Muster Pledge

We don't take ourselves too seriously. We are here to smash our comfort levels. We laugh in the face of adversity. We don't turn back. We pull each other up. We leave no one behind.   MUD MUSTER RULE BOOK
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